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Because so many brick and mortar bookshops are closing, the internet is where most people now buy their books. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to find great book deals online, if only you have time to search for them. At 1pDeals.com, we source all the best books 1p deals from various online book outlets, providing you with a single place to get all the latest 1p offers on books.

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Whether it's a paperback, hardback, ebook, fiction or non-fiction, all sorts of books are regularly on offer for just a penny. Publishers and authors offer books for just a penny for all sorts of reasons. It may be the first in a series, and the books for 1p offer may encourage you to buy more by the same author. Some books penny offers also encourage people to talk about authors to their friends, helping authors sell more books. Whatever the reason, and whatever your reading taste, 1pDeals.com is the perfect place to find books for just 1p.